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Our breads are created using authentic fermentation processes with an emphasis on developing complex flavours that balance acidity and sweetness. They are baked with   substantial auburn crusts that crunch and shatter with each bite. The crusts are scored with the bakers own signature expression which guides the final rise and character of the loaf.  Internally they have an open, tender, voluptuous crumb and carry a rich and heady aroma. Each loaf is handmade and crafted with age old technique.


Our pastry selection includes traditional style croissants and danish as well a variety of sweet and savoury signature options.

Bakery School

At The Artisan Crust we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and skills. As an educator and baker, Scott’s heart is for restoring respect for the ancient and traditional methods of baking, demystifying these processes and instilling confidence in others to use these techniques in the home environment.


“We love everything from The Artisan Crust, from their poetic mind tingling updates to their mouth watering breads and pastries.”

— Helen V.